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Moorthi blesses devotees to
" Ayurarogya Soukhyam. ”

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“The main deity is Dhanwanthari Moorthi
Which is one of the most famous
Dhanwanthari Temple in South India.
Thottuva dhanwanthari temple was
consecrated by Loard Parasurama."

Thottuva Sree Dhanwanthari Moorthi Temple

The main deity of the temple is Dhanwantharimoorthi. The temple is one of the most famous dhanwanthari temples in South India. The dhanwanthari moorthi temple is belived to have been consecrated by Parasurama. Thottuva Dhanwanthari moorthi blesses the devotees with Health and long life..


Viśēṣa divasaṅgaḷ

Mandala Mahotsavam
Ekadashi Vilakku
Dashavathara Mahotsavam
Prathishta Dina Mahotsavam
Vishukani Darshanam
Sree Krishna Jayanthi

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  • <h3>Chandrasekharan Narayanan</h3>

    My life, progress etc because of Lord dhanvantara moorty_ Thotuva devar. You visit the temple once you will forget everything. He bless everybody

    <h3>Chandrasekharan Narayanan</h3>
  • <h3>Geetha Pillai</h3>

    Every year I visit Dhanwanthari Temple. Ella rogashanthikum uttamam. Krishna dhanwatharamurty namaha.

    <h3>Geetha Pillai</h3>
  • <h3> Radha Krishnanan Nair</h3>

    Iam from thottuva Dhanwanthari Moorthi Telemple is our temple .Iam born in Thottuva .We belive Dhanwanthari Moorthi God of Aurvada.

    <h3> Radha Krishnanan Nair</h3>
  • <h3>Saraswathy Krishnan</h3>

    I used to visit this temple every Mandalam season during my childhood. A very powerful diety; beautifully located n attracts many devotees.

    <h3>Saraswathy Krishnan</h3>
  • <h3>Ganeshan Sunder</h3>

    Those Peoples of a lot of illness bodily as well as mentally sri. Bhagawan!! Those having not yet heals, kindly you may Heal of them with your kindness/mercy. They merely lives their life's with A Ray of Hope. On behalf of them I appeals to you this only one request. Om Sri danwantare amrutakalasa hastaya sarvaamaya thrilokyanatha namo namah:

    <h3>Ganeshan Sunder</h3>